Consistency is critical when you’re serious about building a strong online presence and company brand. 

If you want your staff to look professional online, or you want to showcase your team on your website, having consistent images makes all the difference . I will  provide professional quality headshots for a single individual or an entire organization. I have a mobile studio which I can bring to you, making it significantly easier to schedule or we can book on my studio. In a group session each individual will choose their favourite 5 photos from their respective session. Those five photos will be re-touched and delivered as the final product. When a staff of 8 people or more book I include the group shots for free. 

Corporate Headshot are perfect for any company looking to up their game and establish themselves as a leader in their field.


There is no such thing as being “unphotogenic”

Having your headshot taken can be a daunting task for many. It can make you feel self-conscious, exposed and nervous. Don’t worry, when you come shoot with me I do my best to make sure you don’t feel like that at all. We’re here to get a great photo of a relaxed, happy and approachable you, and to do that I strive to create an environment that’s a fun, relaxed and an exciting experience.

As a Headshot Photographer I feel that I am 100% responsible for the expression on my clients face! I am great at coaching and making you feel comfortable. 

What inspired you to start your own business?

I like working with people, and making a connection with them. I like earning their trust and producing work they are happy with. I find photography rewarding and challenging and it’s always a bit different every time because the variables change and it keeps life interesting. I know I am good at my craft and I am proud of the work I do.